Life of an M.D

Given that the initial motivation for someone to start and grow a business is in most cases:


To be your own boss


Make a better life for yourself


Have more time 




It’s pretty ironic that lot’s of MD’s that get in touch with us are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.


Covering multiple roles


No time for anything, or anyone but work.


Mega stressed.


With little of the ‘freedom’ they imagined they would have.


They soon realise they have fallen into the age old trap of doing everything themselves.


Like the plate spinner trying to keep those plates turning before they fall and smash to pieces. 

Trying to keep everything going and everyone happy can be difficult.


Juggling partner, friends, family, children and failing to look at the bigger picture, ie. the strategy, the direction of the business, the market, their morale, the team morale and staying lean and healthy.


There’s always a point when they’ll look up from the mountain of work on the desk and the mayhem around them and say ‘Why am I doing this!!’ ‘How have I got to this place?’ 


They may have let things slip and become over weight, realised they aren’t as fit as they used to be, aren’t as driven as they used to be, aren’t as clear headed as they used to be. 


They start asking questions of them selves. How can I get some time back, some thinking space, clarity, fitness, passion and so on…


We understand that growing and maintaining a business can be extremely challenging, putting you under all kinds of pressure and stress.


But from our experience, doing this with poor health, makes it a whole lot harder.


The pressure and stress of running a business will NEVER go away, but how you manage it can be vastly improved when in good health


It’s very easy to convince yourself you don’t have time to do anything, but focus on work.


We get it, taking some time out to look after yourself is at the back of a very long to do list.


But this is the very thing you SHOULD be doing to give yourself more time, energy, focus, happiness, health and to de stress.


Exercise improves all of the above and a whole lot more. (Research out there consistently backs this up).


Not to mention getting back into the clothes you haven’t been able to fit in, for 5-10 years.


We consistently help M.D’s regain their Work/Life balance and get it to where it needs to be.

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Whilst helping them become Stronger, Fitter, Leaner, Healthier and way way more Productive versions of themselves.


None of them have gone out of business by taking an hour our of their day.


In fact it has helped some of them expand and grow their businesses.


Simon was literally on the verge of folding his business as he was under major stress, until he started working with GWD Performance.

We helped him  transform both physically and mentally and showed him the importance of not only looking after the business, but also looking after HIMSELF!

Since he started working with us, his business has grown from strength to strength….

Check out Simons story here…


Glenn got in touch as he had let his health slip over a period of about 10 years.


He had tried many times to lose weight and never stuck to it long enough to see results.


Like many other guys who run successful companies, he had convinced himself for years that he didn’t have time to train, or focus on looking after himself.

Then he got in touch with us…


Glenn has been working with us for almost a year now and sees exercise and being healthy as an integral part of his day, but now also his life.


To witness his transformation has been astounding.

Mark is another example of what can be achieved in a relatively short space of time.


Mark openly admits, he was very skeptical about joining our programme and was 100% convinced he didn’t have the time to exercise.


All three of these guys are successful business owners that have made time to look after themselves, whilst still being able to run their companies as well (if not better) than they was before.


Nothing fell apart in the business, by taking an hour out of their day to exercise.


The all or nothing approach rarely works in ANYTHING that we do.


If you chuck all of your eggs into one basket and completely neglect looking after yourself, the chances are it will come back and bite you in the bum.


Feeling tired, overweight, health scares. Etc etc.


This isn’t us trying to be all preachy and tell you that you must exercise, but we just wanted to show you that you can do both.


So many actually want to, but convince themselves that they cant manage it.


You can 100% run a very successful business, whilst still looking after yourself.


We know this to be true, as 90% of the guys we work with are doing this RIGHT NOW.


So no matter what stage your health is at right now, how much time you don’t have etc etc….




This is what we CONSISTENTLY help our clients do and working with extremely busy business owners, is where we specialise.


Reach out to us at or book a call here to see if we can help you.


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