It’s never too late

Glenn Cook  just proves that it’s never too late to change from where you are right now.




If you WANT to change, you can make it happen.


If you don’t, you will find excuses not to, it’s that simple….


I’m so glad that Glenn got in touch with me last year, because now the path he is on has completely changed.


HE has changed.

The guy on the left doesn’t exist anymore.


Yes the guy on the left is the same, likeable Glenn that he always has been.


But the guy on the right is a younger (yes younger), leaner, healthier, more confident, focussed and driven version of that guy on the left.


He was always in there, we just brought him out.


Glenn is soooo focussed now to smash the next goals in 2018.


He’s a beast in the gym now and is more importantly, loving the journey!


Keep going buddy 👏👏💪🏽💪🏽


If you know deep down that you need something like this in your life, don’t wait for the right time because it may never come.


A transformation with a good coach will require three investments from you.


Your time – Not as much as you may think but obviously you need to make a bit of time to do something like this.


Your effort – Anyone who thinks taking some pills and not exercising is going to get you where you want to be long term, is living in a dream world. It’s not that easy I’m afraid.


A transformation is as much about the mental improvements, as the physical.


Your money – Yes you will have to pay to work with a coach. We put lots of time and effort into our clients and at the end of that day it’s a results business.


You can constantly look for the cheapest option and for some people this might work wonders.


But in my experience, when guys first come into my transformation programmes they don’t piss about for the simple fact that they have invested in themselves properly.


“Buy nice or buy twice”.


We have space to help 2 more guys regain control of their lives and bring back our person they used to be and want to be.


If you would like to have a quick chat about how I’ve helped Glenn, just drop me a message and we’ll be in touch.


Have a great day



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