Is it the right time for your company to invest in a wellness programme?

Are you involved within HR at a construction company? Do you have a culture problem of your employees not looking after their health within your business?

Are there far too many sick days within the business? Is there a problem with ‘Presenteeism’?

Are there motivation and energy issues within the office? Are you and all your employees the picture of perfect health?

Would you like to see a reduction in sick days, see an increase in motivation, energy and productivity, and be a more attractive company to work for?

If you are reading this, and this is describing your company, I’m pretty sure you would like to change all of that, and create a healthier, happier and more motivated environment for you and your employees, and increase their overall well-being? Do you know EXACTLY how to implement wellness programs that have a real and lasting impact?

If so, this information might not be any use to you right now. You are very fortunate and don’t need me…

However, if you need any help with the above… Please read on…

I could bore you right now with all of the scientific evidence and statistics of how the right wellness programme can have a HUGE positive impact on your employees, and of course your business. But I will save all of that for when (and if) we get to meet you, and we present what GWD Performance can do for your company….

Not only will we provide your staff with the information needed to live a healthier and happier life, but we will also help them to implement it. Information without implementation is useless, and as a coach my job is to help the guys on my programme take ACTION. The accountability that we provide to the guys on our programme (through a wide variety of tools) see’s their motivation and consistency stay at at the level that is needed to produce RESULTS that last.

How We Do It?

  • Speaking Presentations
  • Online Nutritional Coaching
  • Online Training Programming
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Half-Day or Full-day Workshops
  • On site facility Design
  • And much more…

This isn’t another flash in the pan programme, and is why we have companies who’s wellness we have managed for just over a year now, and still going strong. The team at GWD Performance are extremely pleased to be working with these forward thinking businesses, who are serious about improving the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Drywall Solutions UK Ltd and Jessella Building Envelope Specialists, are two of the construction companies GWD performance currently operates in, Since entering these companies in July 2016, GWD Performance has had an extremely positive impact on not only the employees health, fitness and well being, but also on the productivity and morale of the businesses themselves.

To do this we have broken down every aspect on improving the employees health and well being.

Coaching consists of a bespoke nutritional and training programmes to meet each individual employees needs. Each employee is fully supported and guided throughout the whole process by the team at GWD Performance.

We use a variety of different coaching methods, including face to face meetings, webinars and coaching calls, and physical training sessions and workshops. Each employee receives access to the GWD Performance app which includes all training programmes and recipes books, exercise tutorial videos, and a process management and tracker tool.

These tools assist towards the success and consistency of each employee on their journey to better health. GWD Performance has seen its best successes within their corporate wellness programmes, as employees are not only accountable to the coaches but also to each other as co-workers and as a team.

We are unique in the fact that we are coaching our clients all of the time, and they have a constant level of support. As we have the use of our own app, private group chats, live webinars, face to face meetings and physical training sessions, we feel that we are better equipped to keep them:

  • Motivated
  • Accountable
  • Consistent

Along side a bespoke programme, these three components are vital in order to see results and have a successful corporate wellness programme in your business.


I’ve been in this industry almost 9 years now, and i absolutely LOVE helping people to get fit and healthy, and i’ve realised that not only do i enjoy helping people, but I’m pretty good at it too. I have a real passion for my job, and I believe this is very important within my profession as I work so closely with people. All the coaches at GWD Performance also share this passion, and we have a great team.

This passion to help people has now grown to a larger scale, and I now help to improve the health and well being of a number of companies within the construction industry. Many years ago before I was a coach, I worked as a bricklayer. Having once been involved in the industry, I feel i can relate far more to the employees of the companies that I currently work with.

When I make office visits with my current companies I work with, I just blend in as one of the team. Because I am one of the team.

Having this relationship is one of the key reasons for the success that we have seen, I have been where they have been and I can help provide solutions to their problems. If you are a progressive business who values their peoples health, and are looking for someone who can:

  • Motivate and inspire them to change how they view their health. 
  • Improve fitness and moral
  • Reduce sick days 
  • Build confidence in your team

I find solutions. For Companies and for You. I can come into your business and help find the best answers for your unique situation. You can get started by calling or emailing me today. That’s the first step…

E: P: 07956 231241

I am dedicated on improving the health of the construction industry…

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