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We are really excited to have you on board and are looking forward to helping you get in the best shape of your life.There’s no doubt in our mind that you are going to make significant progress under our team

You can book sessions for both Small Group PT, Large Group PT and the GWD Team Training sessions via our online booking system QUOOX.You should already have set up an account by now.   You can log in to your account here

Say hello to your GWD Coaches.   These guys will be taking through your journey with us.   So it's only right that you get to know them a little first.   GWD Team

One of, if not THE most important thing when it comes to achieving results is accountability.We believe we have mastered just the right amount to ensure you are hitting your goals and to keep you on track (without completely nagging).Watch

Getting in shape needn’t be social suicide. In fact, we encourage going out and enjoying yourself, as part of a balanced lifestyle.We are as guilty as anyone for enjoying some nice food and having a couple of drinks now and

We hope you’ve enjoyed your first session or two with us so far.We believe it’s important to understand WHY we train you the way we do and what you can expect from us on your journey.   GWD Team

It’s no secret that protein is an essential nutrient for the human body.If there is one thing we commonly see when people first come to us, it’s that they don’t consume enough of it. Their nutrition is built around high

There are a lot of myths around fat – that fat is bad for you, and on the other end of the spectrum - that consuming fat doesn’t make you fat.Watch our short video explaining Fat in more detail…Again, if

Carbs get a bad rap and have become the “villain” of the food groups.It’s no wonder that people are confused as to whether carbs are good or bad for you and which carbs you should and shouldn’t eat.Here’s a short