Don’t give up!

It’s always sad to hear so many people say things like

“I’ll always be overweight”

“I’m never going to be really fit”

“I’ll never get back into those old clothes”

“It’s too late for me to change now”

Gina is someone who almost gave up and resided herself to being ‘overweight for good’

After having a baby she found it near on impossible to shift the weight and thought the only thing to do was embrace it and come to terms with it.

Thankfully she didn’t!!

She came to GWD initially as part of our large group training programme after seeing a Facebook post just like this and fell in love with the sessions, giving her all and overcoming her initial anxieties about trying something new and working alongside other people.

Gina quickly saw the weight drop off (burning 700-900 calories per hour session will do that!) , her body change and she fell in love with The Strong Programme,the extra energy it gave her and the huge impact it had on her general fitness.

Towards the end of last year Gina ramped up her training to the next level by introducing one to one PT with GWD Performance once a week in addition to the large group training.

She is really enjoying the contrast between her PT with GWD and STRONG and the different challenges that each one provides.

Gina has now had personalised nutritional guidelines set out for her which she is following to a tee and already feels a huge difference in her strength and body shape just by adding PT sessions into mix.

So far Gina is 14kg lighter than when she started and 2 dress sizes down, but more importantly she is Fitter, Stronger, WAY more confident and far HEALTHIER!

She has a clear goal in place to look amazing in her Bikini for her holiday in February she is absolutely smashing it!

The GWD and STRONG teams are so very proud of you Gina and can’t wait to see what you achieve in time for your big holiday and beyond!!

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